1 Minute Introduction

Hi friends! My name is Ciara Brooke and I'm a singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, performer, daughter, sister, and wife (I wear many hats!). I've been singing since before I can remember, and I grew up doing pageants and talent competitions so I could sing and perform as much as possible.  Entertaining people really is my passion, so live shows are definitely my favorite part of what I get to do as an artist. My brother, Brody Farrow, and I create music in our home studio and then put it out into the world, trusting that it'll reach the people it was meant for.  

My hope is to inspire and encourage others through the songs that I write by being vulnerable with my own life. Whether that's by singing about my struggle with anxiety and depression, the insecurities I face about my body, my experience in a toxic relationship as a teen, or on a more positive note, the love I have for my husband, I want to be real and honest with my story so that hopefully others can be influenced by my music for the better. 

I'm blessed to be able to do what I do, and it's my aim to create art that gives God glory and spreads light and love to all who hear it. I'm so thankful for the journey I'm on, and I'd be honored if you'd join me on this adventure!